At Career Insight by Veronica, holistic career counseling services are tailored to individual or group needs based on the stage you may find yourself. At Career Insight by Veronica, we offer:

1-on-1 Career Counseling

Get individualized support & tools to advance your career! 1-on-1 Career Counseling will help you gain clarity on your next career goal, and will prepare you with the tools necessary to take action & be successful in your next career pivot.

Group Workshops

At Career Insight by Veronica, we offer powerful group workshops geared to help you with your personal development in an open, safe, & supportive space. If you feel that you need to grow more as an individual, these workshops will inspire, empower you, & help you identify what makes you great!

Youth Programs

Our Youth Programs offer an opportunity for youth to focus on their career development as they prepare to enter the next stage of life.

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