Group Workshops

“Channel Your Inner Confidence” Group Workshop

Rid yourself of imposter syndrome by channeling your inner confidence. Gain a renewed sense of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-appreciation with the use of mindfulness and self-reflection. Engage in meaningful self-work and self-growth, and in return feel empowered and confident to confront job interviews, challenges at work, or big career moves. 

*Disclosure: This workshop is great for teens and adults. You will engage in self-work and group members will encourage and motivate each other to grow & engage in self-love & authentic self-work. All group workshops take place via zoom.

Team Building Workshops

If your company or staff need a boost of moral, the following team building workshops are great to boost moral & to enhance professional development:

  • True Colors Group Workshop
  • Tailored Team Building Workshop – based on staff or company needs

*Disclosure: All group workshops take place via zoom.

“If you are trying to tap into a new idea, concept, or paradigm, group workshops are a great way to explore, learn, & energize yourself with new information with likeminded individuals.”

— Veronica

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