Youth Programs

Group Career Counseling for Youth

Youth will engage in their career development process with other youth alike in a fun & safe environment via Zoom. The youth group will meet for 11-sessions & each session is 1-hour long. Youth will have the opportunity to engage in self-exploration, career exploration, major exploration, will learn about experiential learning, and will start preparing their professional profile as well.

Individual Career Counseling

Youth will receive 1-on-1 career counseling with a holistic career counselor. Youth will engage in the career development process to help them prepare for the next stage of life – adulthood & a professional career. Sessions are 1-hour long via Zoom.

“Channel Your Inner Confidence” Group Workshop for Youth

Youth will engage in meaningful self-work and self-growth to help build their self-confidence, self-appreciation, and self-esteem with the use of mindfulness and self-reflection. This workshop consists of 5-sessions & each session is 1-hour to 1.5-hour long via Zoom.

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